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The long and ‘joyous’ road to revive Nepal’s ancient taboo scripts

A formerly banned Indigenous calligraphy is now being practised ‘joyfully’ in corners of Kathmandu and beyond.

Albanese tells China’s Li Australia cannot be silent on key issues

Premier Li Qiang is the most senior Chinese leader to visit Australia since 2017.

OpenAI says it disrupted Chinese, Russian, Israeli influence campaigns

ChatGPT maker says influence operations failed to gain traction or reach large audiences.

Guardians of the glaciers – life alongside Pakistan’s vanishing ice

The rapid melting of Pakistan’s icy giants is creating hardships and challenges for vulnerable communities.

Xi Jinping begins first European tour in five years in France

Chinese president wants to repair ties with a sceptical Western Europe but faces questions over his Ukraine war stance.

China trying to develop world ‘built on censorship and surveillance’

Rights group warns the Digital Silk Road is enabling China to export digital authoritarianism across the world.

Jobless engineers, MBAs: The hidden army of Indian election ‘consultants’

These ‘politically neutral problem solvers’ do short stints in political campaigns and are valued for their data skills.

The judicial legacy of the Rwandan genocide: 30 years of double standards

The international community’s efforts to prosecute perpetrators of core crimes remain selective and politicised.

Media feel pressure to tell ‘positive’ story as China tightens grip

State-linked Sixth Tone news outlet, known for its coverage of socioeconomic issues, comes under scrutiny.

Hong Kong’s new security law comes into force amid human rights concerns

The law, known as Article 23, has been criticised internationally over fears it could erode civil liberties.

‘Insane’: Xi’s call for ethnic Chinese to tell Beijing’s story stirs anger

Millions of people of Chinese origin are nationals of countries other than China and they don't back Beijing.

China’s C919 jetliner showcased at Singapore Airshow

Biennial air show opens to the public for the first time since the onset of the COVID-pandemic in 2020.

Stories of ‘beating the odds’ in China draw dark responses from wary public

Wave of online scepticism about two stories of survival and success in China point to deeper public dissatisfaction.

Global split evident as China’s human rights record faces UN scrutiny

Western states slammed Beijing's actions in Xinjiang and Hong Kong, but others said they saw progress.

Stateless babies: In northeast India, refugee mothers pray for nationhood

Without a refugee law, India is an uncertain home for new waves of asylum seekers. Will the 2024 election change that?

China’s Gansu earthquake kills more than 100 people: What to know

A powerful magnitude 6.2 earthquake hit remote China's Gansu province, killing 118 people.

More than 100 people killed in earthquake in northwest China

The shallow 6.2 magnitude quake struck near the border of Gansu and Qinghai, sending people rushing onto the streets.

Will Xi and Biden mend US-China relations at the APEC summit?

Xi aims to revive investments in sluggish Chinese economy while Biden looks to keep temperatures 'low' in Asia-Pacific.

China’s Xi Jinping arrives in US ahead of summit with Joe Biden

Xi is on his first visit to the US in six years as Washington looks to cool tensions with Beijing.

Australia vs New Zealand: ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 match preview

Both teams will look to bag two points in order to secure a semifinal finish at the Cricket World Cup 2023.

Four stories you may have missed amid Israel-Hamas war

Deadly India floods and Tibet avalanche, message from COP28 head, and landmark caste discrimination bill vetoed in US.

What is panda diplomacy, and why are the bears going back to China?

Since the Tang Dynasty (618–907), China has given or lent pandas to other countries, but now many are headed back home.

What you need to know about the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 stadiums

The ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 matches will be hosted at 10 stadiums across India.

‘A jealous god’: China remakes religions in its own image

Authorities are violating religious freedoms across China as the leadership seeks to assert control.

China bars three female Indian athletes from Asian Games: Reports

Trio are from northeastern state of Arunachal Pradesh, region claimed almost in full by Beijing as 'South Tibet'.

‘Lively in faith’: Pope Francis heads to Mongolia with eye on diplomacy

Mongolia, between Russia and China, could help ease church's troubled ties with Beijing and lift Ukraine peace efforts.

India lodges protest with China over map claiming border territory

Diplomatic protest follows map showing Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh and Aksai Chin plateau as Chinese territory.

US imposes new China visa curbs over alleged ‘forced assimilation’ in Tibet

Experts have said about 1 million Tibetan children were being separated from their families at state boarding schools.